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Here is where you can find answers to the most common questions asked by our customers! If you cannot find a question you are looking for, click the search button!
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Q: Do you only provide services on the water?

A: No.  We can provide services inland such as building decks, gazebos, Bobcat work, clearing lots, etc...
Q: Do you give free estimates for a dock?

A: Yes.  We would need to schedule a consultation time and we will meet you on site.
Q: I want dock built, when is the best time to get started?

A: The best time to get started on the project is in the winter months...the slowest time of the year in this industry.
Q: Do I have to get a permit in order to build on the lake?

A: Yes. You would have to take steps in order to obtain a permit from Duke Power to build on any of the lakes in the area.  Lakeside Marine Construction can provide information and assistance in those areas of need.
Q: Do you provide dredging services?

A: Yes. We provide dredging services on all the lakes where we service: Lake Wylie, Lake Norman, Mountain Island, Moss Lake
Q: What brands of jet ski lifts do you carry?

A: Float Air, Tide Tamer, Jet T, and Easy Port
Q: What types of boat lifts do you carry?

A: Floating and cable
Q: What decking materials do you work with?

A: Treated wood, Brazilian Hardwood, Vinyl, Wood Composite, Fiberglass, etc...
Q: What are some options for materials you use on framing of the docks?

A: Wood, Steel, and Aluminum.
Q: If there is a drought and the water depth is low, can I still build a dock and pier?

A: Yes.  The water level will never be at full pond and will never "flood" your dock or pier. You can check out this site to check the current water level.  www.dukepower.com/community/lakes/lakelevels
Q: What deposit do you require before you begin work on a dock building project?

A: 1/3 when the contract is signed.  1/3 when the materials are on the job site and final payment when job is completed.
Q: How long does it typically take to finish a dock?

A: Depending on the size and difficulty of the project.  The average time it takes to complete a dock is 2-3 weeks, unless there are complications with the weather.

Lakeside Marine Construction
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