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Definition of Dredging:  The removal of materials including, but not limited to, rocks, bottom sediments, debris, sand, refuse, and plant or animal matter in any excavating, cleaning, deepening, widening or lengthening, either permanently or temporarily.

Lakeside Marine Construction dredges by water. The advantage of dredging by water is that all properties on the lake will be accessible; even if your lot is not cleared for heavy equipment access. By dredging from the water, your landscape will not be disturbed.

If you are considering dredging, please consider the time needed to dredge. Because we adhere to the rules and regulations of Lake Wylie, Lake Norman and Mountain Island Lake, we are not allowed to dredge in the months of March through June. July through February will be an acceptable time to dredge. Permits will be required for dredging. We will be able to assist with that, if needed.

Lakeside Marine Construction
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