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Brazilian Hardwood

Brazilian Hardwood (commonly known as ipe or ironwood)

Brazilian Hardwood Decking is another decking material used in docks and decks.  An extremely dense, close grained wood, it has been been known to last 100 years without decay and without treatment in contact with the ground.  This beautiful red-brown exotic hardwood is very high resistant to wood boring insects and fungus.  It is a superior decking material for both residential and commercial applications. It naturally resists wear, rot, splintering, termites, fire, chemicals, and virtually every threat imaginable.

Known as Ipe, it's top ratings for strength, hardness, and durability have been proven again and again in demanding commercial applications, like the famous Atlantic City Boardwalk. So strong, dense, and hard, the Brazilian ironwood decking remain smooth and virtually splinter free for years and years.

As a lumber, Brazilian hardwood is seemingly ideal.  It can be stained (painting is not recommended) to maintain its new look, a knot-free, rich dark brown color between teak and mahogany, or it can weather into a silvery gray (naturally).  If the desire is to maintain the rich natural redwood-like finish, simply apply a quality penetrating oil finish with a UV sun block. Yet, it does not decay from fungi or termites. 

25 year warranty without sealing--the only natural wood product that carries such a warranty.


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