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Are you considering a different kind of material similar to wood, but last a lot longer?  Composite decking material offers beautiful decks that are virtually maintenance free. Designed to provide the look of wood while being easier to install and maintain, composite material is resistant to fading, peeling and cracking. Plus, you will never have to sand, seal, paint or restain.

Most composite decking is made of very fine sawdust and plastic resins and they are manufactured in such a way that they will not warp or deteriorate in any way. They do not have to be stained or painted, but they do require that a weather resistant wood framing be done under the actual deck boards. 

Composite material works like wood. You cut it the same way and screw it down the same way. In comparison to a deck made of regular wood, the composite material should last indefinitely. Different manufacturers have guarantees of 10 to 30 years for it.

Many of the pressure-treated wood on the market has a limited guarantee for 20 years, but without proper maintenance, many last less than ten years. Wood decks have to be maintained by continuing to clean the deck and by applying some type of weather resistant sealant to keep the water from getting down into the pores of the wood, usually every 3 years.


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